Jonathan Gunton - Abstract Audio

As an RTS award winning composer Jonny has been composing music for Film and TV for over ten years.

BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery, Disney, National Geographic, 5, and MTV, these are among just a few of the international broadcaster Jonny has composed for.

Jonny has written music for an eclectic mix of genres including Natural History, Documentaries, Children’s, Awards shows, Short films and Radio.

Before becoming a composer full time he spent a few years as a dubbing editor. He still gets a lot of commissions for his sound design work and has a company called Abstract Audio that specialises in this field.

Jonny has had an interest in music from an early age. Playing in bands in his teens, he also spent a few months as an intern for Philip Glass in his New york studio The Looking Glass.

Jonny is collaborating with the incredible Danish singer song writer Sophie Tusnelda-Page.

The collaboration is called Drøm.

Music and Sound design for Film and TV